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What Do We Offer?


Quality products

Fast and reliable service

Competitive pricing

Ecofriendly solutions

How It Works

Organic Additives by Helplast is a powerful catalyst that speeds up the degradation process of our packaging solutions. When Helplast products come in contact with the landfills, the microorganisms act on it and break down its molecular structure, thereby breaking its chemical bonds that holds the packaging material together, this leads to effective and rapid bio-degradation in the environment.

Who are we?

Helplast, the manufacturers of organic additives that converts our packaging solutions into 100% biodegradable & compostable material. We have embarked on a mission to free our world from the havoc caused by ‘the undying plastic’.

Helplast is formed and led by a group of eco-conscious individuals, who constantly strive to design and offer environment friendly biodegradable/compostable solutions. We believe that we owe our existence to this environment and it’s our responsibility keep our environment clean and healthy. A small change in our habit can work wonders. If your beliefs coincide with ours, then let’s shake hands and make our world better and smarter with the help of our biodegradable/compostable solutions.

Our patented additives not only makes our products harmless, while retaining its strength, transparency and water-proof quality but also helps Ito decompose like any other organic waste. Without any compromise on the quality and convenience an enhanced ‘avatar’ of packaging solutions can be brought to life with our additive.

Why choose Helplast

It’s Versatile It’s Revolutionary It’s Eco-friendly
It can be used in a wide range of market segments namely Corporates, Ecommerce, FMCG, Automobile, Waste Management, Hospitality etc Proven completely non toxic resulting in no residue at all. It is a sustainable solution which can help us witness greener tomorrows

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